Nazarbayev announced the transfer of the alphabet in Kazakhstan from Cyrillic to Latin

Nazarbayev announced the transfer of the alphabet in Kazakhstan from Cyrillic to Latin The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev suggested the government to develop a timetable for the transition of Kazakh alphabet to Latin until the end of 2017. This is stated in the article “Orientation: spiritual revival for the future”, which was published on the government portal of Kazakhstan. According to the President, this is due to “political reasons”. To substantiate its position, Nazarbayev cited historical information about the use of different alphabets in the territory of modern Kazakhstan. He pointed out that the Kazakh alphabet has ancient roots — from the VI—VII centuries., when in Eurasia originated ancient türkic runic writing. This language later became the “lingua Franca” in large parts of the continent, he said. Further Nazarbayev remembered that from X to XX century, after the adoption of Islam used the Arabic alphabet. Moreover, in 1929, the

Tillerson urged to stop the degradation of relations between Russia and the United States

Rex Tillerson Moscow and Washington must do everything to stop the degradation of the bilateral relations. As reported on Wednesday, April 12, RIA Novosti, the Secretary of state of the United States Rex Tillerson said after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. According to him, the level of trust between the two countries is “at a low point”, and two great nuclear powers cannot abide in such a relationship. “We must do everything to stop the degradation, we need to restore trust between our countries in order to resolve the issues that are important to all of us,” said Tillerson. The talks in Moscow, he called productive. “We also talked about approaches on how we can improve our communication lines,” explained Tillerson, noting that “the parties shared their positions on how we can move forward today.” In addition, the Secretary of state confirmed the creation

Russia has blocked a draft resolution of the UN security Council on chemical attack in Syria

Russia vetoed a resolution of the Board Bezopasnoti of the UN on the chemical attack in the Syrian province of Idlib. The results of the vote on Wednesday, April 12, leads RIA Novosti. The draft document was submitted, the United States, Britain and France, it is the Secretary General of the organization were asked to investigate the incident with the use of chemical weapons in Khan Sheyhun. Against this resolution, except Russia, were made by Bolivia. China abstained. Earlier, the Ambassador of France to the UN Francois Delattre called the draft resolution “balanced”. The new version is almost the same as the text submitted by these States last week, but not voted on. On the night of 7 April, the President of the United States Donald trump ordered to launch a missile attack on the airfield shirt used by Syrian government aircraft. In all there were 58 cruise missiles. It

The health Ministry denied a report on deprivation of unemployed medical insurance

The health Ministry refuted earlier information on the deprivation of the unemployed and self-employed Russians free compulsory medical insurance. About it it is spoken in arrived in edition “” the message of the official representative of Department Oleg Salaga. “The elimination of such basic social guarantees like the right to free medical assistance under the MLA is not provided in any of the upcoming bills or regulations. This constant and consistent position of the Ministry of health and mandatory health insurance Fund: the Constitution guarantees the right to free medical care for all our citizens without distinction they work or not”, — stated in the message. Earlier on 12 April, the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the report of the Ministry of health announced that the unemployed and self-employed Russians will be deprived of free medical insurance. It was explained that the amendments relate to those for whom the employer

The number of victims of terrorist attack in the subway of St. Petersburg has increased

The death toll in the attack in the subway of St. Petersburg increased to 14 people. Died in hospital one of the victims, told TASS Deputy Governor Anna Mityanina. Earlier in the press already called this number, because the number of victims included the alleged suicide of Akbarjon Jalilova. The representative of the Military medical Academy imeni Kirova said “Rosbalt” information about a deceased patient. “Sergey Postnov 1977 year of birth”, — said the Agency interlocutor. According to “Dr. Peter”, the man received a very serious shrapnel wounds and fractures, he was in intensive care. According to the site, on the morning of April 12, in the hospitals of the city are 50 people, all for medical assistance to 89 people. April 3 in the train on the stretch between metro stations “Sennaya square” and “Institute of Technology” the explosion occurred. A criminal case under article “Terrorist act”. As part

Putin pointed to the need to vstraivayut relations with the Taliban

Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin called for building relations with all forces in Afghanistan, interested in achieving national reconciliation. This opinion was voiced in interview to TV channel “World 24”, published on Wednesday, April 12. The head of state pointed out that many States anyhow have maintained contacts with the Taliban (banned in Russia). “Of course, there are many radical elements. But we always like our partners, including, incidentally, representatives of the UN, we believe that it is necessary to build relations with all forces in Afghanistan on the basis of at least three principles: the recognition of the Constitution of Afghanistan, disarmament and the achievement of full national consent”, — said Putin. He also expressed hope that the participants in the settlement process of the conflict, including Russia, to help the legitimate government of Afghanistan “to take the path of peaceful solution of all problems”.

In Canada, police helicopter caught the kids who stole candy

In Canada, police helicopter caught the kids who stole candy MOSCOW, 12 APR — RIA Novosti. Canadian police have organized a full-scale special operation to catch kids stealing sweets from an amusement Park near Toronto, reports the Huffington Post. According to the publication, to the pursuit of the thieves drew a few units. The RAID was attended by a detachment of handlers, the police helicopter with a thermal imager and the forces of York County. Adolescents 15-16 years old was discovered near the scene of the crime. According to militiamen, they hid behind the bushes where we were eating the stolen candy.

Scientists have used drones to shoot volcanoes

Scientists have used drones to shoot volcanoes British volcanologists and engineers for the first time used drones to research volcanoes. About it reported in a press release from the University of Bristol. During the ten-day expedition, scientists conducted several test flights around the volcanoes Fuego and Pacaya (Guatemala). Installed on aircraft light sensors measured the temperature and humidity inside the volcanic clouds. In addition, the drones were filming eruptions in real time. The use of drones have helped scientists to measure the state of the gases around the volcano, which you access by conventional means has been difficult. Launched devices from a distance of eight kilometers. After a few months the researchers plan to repeat the experiments, equipping drones with a gas analyzer, filters, imagers, and devices for collecting samples of ash.

In Berlin built a wall to protect Berlin wall

In Berlin built a wall to protect Berlin wall The German government decided to erect a safety fence in front of the Berlin wall to protect the monument from damage. On Tuesday, April 11, reports The Art Newspaper. The main reason was a large influx of tourists, who pose a threat to graffiti on the preserved sections of the wall. All images are the East Side gallery, some fragments of which were at different times corrupted. “We several times had to arrest people and send to the court, and I would not want that to happen again,” explains Director of artistic initiatives and Manager of the gallery Kani Alavi. He says that many visitors are trying to get a piece of the wall in the memory or draw their own graffiti on top of the already existing ones. Protective barriers will be installed by the summer of 2018. The preserved

Putin: actions of armed forces in Syria must prevent the return of terrorists to Russia

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that Russia’s military actions in Syria must prevent the return of terrorists on Russian territory. “Our soldiers, our group, which is fighting with international terrorists in another territory, not on Russian, do it precisely in order that nobody will be able to come back”, – he told on air of TV channel “Mir 24”. However, as Putin said, “if that happens sometimes, it says that we made the right choice.” “We must do everything to the return to minimize,” he said. Earlier, Putin in an interview said that the decisions on granting the Russian citizenship can be revoked if certain persons had entered into prohibited in Russia, the group ISIS, vowing to undertake the necessary consultations with lawyers and to take appropriate decisions in the near future.