The health Ministry denied a report on deprivation of unemployed medical insurance

The health Ministry refuted earlier information on the deprivation of the unemployed and self-employed Russians free compulsory medical insurance. About it it is spoken in arrived in edition “” the message of the official representative of Department Oleg Salaga.

“The elimination of such basic social guarantees like the right to free medical assistance under the MLA is not provided in any of the upcoming bills or regulations. This constant and consistent position of the Ministry of health and mandatory health insurance Fund: the Constitution guarantees the right to free medical care for all our citizens without distinction they work or not”, — stated in the message.

Earlier on 12 April, the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the report of the Ministry of health announced that the unemployed and self-employed Russians will be deprived of free medical insurance. It was explained that the amendments relate to those for whom the employer does not pay insurance premiums.

Currently, insurance contributions for compulsory health insurance of employed insured persons is paid by the employer and for the unemployed insured persons (children, pensioners, registered unemployed, students) are making their regional budgets. While there is a category of persons of working age in employment without formal contracts, they have an income, but to the social funds with no pay.