In Berlin built a wall to protect Berlin wall

In Berlin built a wall to protect Berlin wall

The German government decided to erect a safety fence in front of the Berlin wall to protect the monument from damage. On Tuesday, April 11, reports The Art Newspaper.

The main reason was a large influx of tourists, who pose a threat to graffiti on the preserved sections of the wall. All images are the East Side gallery, some fragments of which were at different times corrupted.

“We several times had to arrest people and send to the court, and I would not want that to happen again,” explains Director of artistic initiatives and Manager of the gallery Kani Alavi.

He says that many visitors are trying to get a piece of the wall in the memory or draw their own graffiti on top of the already existing ones.

Protective barriers will be installed by the summer of 2018.

The preserved sections of the Berlin wall are of great artistic value thanks to the drawings of street artists, reflecting the political events of the 1990-ies. East Side Gallery is the longest in the world of art outdoor gallery with a permanent exhibition, its length is 1316 meters.