North Korea has declared readiness to respond to a US attack

In Pyongyang believe that sending the shock of American air group to the Korean Peninsula proves the aggressive intentions of the United States, which North Korea is ready to respond. As transfers RIA Novosti, the corresponding statement the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic of circulated by the KCNA.

The Ministry said that the direction of the nuclear aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson” in the waters off the coast of the Peninsula proves that the scenario of the US invasion of the DPRK has reached a serious phase.

“If the US dares to make a choice in favor of military action, shouting slogans of “preventive strike” and “the destruction of the headquarters”, the DPRK is ready to react in any U.S. form of military action,” — said the Minister.

The statement also stressed that the DPRK is not asking for the world, but always “ready to defend themselves by force of arms.”

Monday, April 10, it was reported that the United States suddenly launched off the coast of South Korea strike group led by the nuclear aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”. It was originally planned that he should go to the ports of Australia.

The Minister of national unification of South Korea Hong-Yon PHE later in the day expressed concern about the possibility of pre-emptive American strike against targets in North Korea.