In Oregon demanded to lift the ban on the duel between the officials

In Oregon demanded to lift the ban on the duel between the officials

Senator of the U.S. state of Oregon Brian Boquist declared intention to achieve cancellation of the act of 1845, prohibiting local civil servants to shoot in duels.

In those days, in the beginning of the last century, not only in Russia, duels claimed the lives of the best people in the United States in a duel from Vice President Aaron Burr died in 1804, the famous American politician Alexander Hamilton, participated in duels and U.S. President Andrew Jackson, and even Abraham Lincoln agreed to a duel once, but the conflict is settled the seconds reminds Meduza.

The prohibition of civil servants to duel was introduced in 1845 as part of the provisional laws of Oregon before it became a state in the USA. The region was then ruled jointly by the USA and great Britain; law on duels took after half an hour of discussion. Its own Constitution of Oregon appeared in 1857, and the regulations on the duel moved into it without change, will not go away it after the adoption of statehood in 1859.

In contrast to common law, the Constitution can be changed only by the will of the legislature, the amendment needs to be approved in the General election. Oregon Senator Brian Boquist decided to rectify the situation and remove from the Constitution the ban on participation in duels — not to throw someone a call, and for the sake of purification of the basic law of the state of the archaic and no longer applicable.

For example, says Bokisch, the Constitution not only prohibits the duel, but also prescribes stationery should buy the servants, and this requirement had not been respected. The provision of the Constitution is absurd not only because it duplicates current laws (duel is actually premeditated murder), but also because it does not prohibit duel — but only disables after the duel to become civil servants.

On offer Barista has already received negative reaction. In particular, “Progressive party of Oregon” found that if you amend the Constitution, the people of the state nothing will prevent to arrange a duel.