The Berlin school has banned teacher to wear a cross

The Berlin school has banned teacher to wear a cross

Teacher in a state school in Berlin have been banned from wearing a cross around her neck, told the local pastor Berlin Newspapers.

Priest, Carsten Dankner told reporters that the woman on seeing him, gave him a written order to the Director of the school in Berlin’s wedding district. It is reported that the local Synod of the Evangelical Church began an investigation into the incident.

The school administration demanded of the teacher to remove the cross, citing a law prohibiting public servants from wearing religious symbols at work, says Berliner Zeitung.

The debate about whether to wear religious symbols in the workplace, conducted across Europe.

In 2012, four British Christian, claiming that they lost their jobs as a result of discrimination on religious grounds, and appealed to the European court of human rights in Strasbourg.

Among the plaintiffs was an employee of British Airways Nadia eweida of which the chief was sent home after she refused to remove a chain with a cross, and nurse Shirley Chaplin, from which the x was transferred to work not involving patient care.

The ECHR ruled that the rights Aoyagi had been violated and awarded her compensation. At the same time, the court found violations of the rights of Shirley Chaplin, agreeing that a chain with a cross violated the safety rules and could cause harm to the health of patients.