In the us state of Oregon has proposed to allow the duel to deputies

A number of Republican senators of the legislative Assembly of the U.S. state of Oregon has proposed to repeal the law that forbids MPs to call each other to a duel. About it reports The Independent.

If the project passes the vote of both houses, the fate of the ban on duel will decide the inhabitants of the state in the next election. As explained by the initiators of the abolition of this legal rule has long outlived its usefulness and only overrides the law, as well as many others, and must be abandoned.

“Clear why it was introduced. Not very well looked, when two members of the legislative Assembly, divergent opinions began then to shoot each other on the steps of the local Parliament,” said Senator Brian Boquist.

However, like the local member of Oregon progressive party, Dan Mick, a formal repudiation of the law would mean the permission of duels, which entails some risk. He also reminded about the amount, which will manage the printing of ballot papers.

The law forbidding to deputies to call each other to a duel, was adopted in 1845. In 1970, a group of deputies tried to initiate a repeal of all obsolete acts, including this one, but to no avail.