The Oslo court has arrested 17-year-old Russian in two weeks

The court in the Norwegian capital Oslo was arrested for two weeks, 17-year old Russian detained on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack. About it reports newspaper Verdens Gang.

According to lawyers of a teenager, he categorically denies his involvement in any terrorist or extremist group and argues that he was not going to commit a terrorist act and cause harm to anyone.

Broadcaster NRK, meanwhile, has published the data about the detainee seized explosive device. According to private media sources, we are talking about a gas cylinder and attached to damaging elements. The self-made device has dimensions of 30 by 30 centimeters.

The Russian was detained on Saturday, April 8, in Oslo near the river Akerselva. According to police, he left under a bridge suspicious package. The bomb squad destroyed the object. The security forces found it difficult to say whether it was a bomb, however, noted that the explosion was louder than you would expect.

The detainee, according to intelligence, lives in Norway since 2010. He arrived together with his family and is awaiting asylum. His name is not called, but, according to the police, he is fluent in Norwegian.