Milonov has proposed to check the sanity of sexy teachers

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov proposed to create the Commission on check of teachers on sexual sanity. Thus, in his opinion, it will be possible to weed out perverts. It is reported

“We have 99 percent of teachers are normal and adequate people in any case can not infringe on their dignity. But we have seen many examples where schools appear pedophile nest. And hiding they can sit for more than 10 years. Until it accidentally pulled out. However, nothing prevents a maniac to open her school for little girls or boys. And will quiet pool. Many of these comrades understand that to reveal yourself you can not (…) Behave pedophiles are very thin,” the MP explained his initiative.

In his opinion, before to work with children, the candidate must pass a test with a psychologist to educational institutions “not his way pedophiles and other perverts.”

“When a person goes to work in a pie shop, he asked for sanitary book. This does not mean that he is treated with suspicion. No. The same in working with children. Let’s go check that you’ve got brains all right. Check must a special Commission: professional psychologists who work subtly. The results can not publish. Perverts silently to consent. Yet at no stage in this test there,” — says the MP.

On February 16 it became known about detention of a history teacher from Moscow, Krasnogorsk after the statement of parents about the corruption of their children. George E., born in 1991 has also held the position of Deputy Director of school on educational work. Against him criminal case under part three of article 135 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Dissolute actions committed against two persons”). The police contacted the parents of two ninth-graders, who said that the teacher showed the children in the school porn. In addition, the applicants reported that from December 2016 to January 2017 teacher made dissolute actions in relation to their sons.