In the Federation Council made a rocket attack USA military installations of the DPRK

Viktor Ozerov

The head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov said that the United States could launch a missile attack on North Korean military installations. He stated in commentarii RIA Novosti on Sunday, April 9.

The Senator drew an analogy with the American strike on the Syrian airfield shirt. According to him, this attack was due to national security concerns, and North Korea can be perceived by Washington as an even bigger threat than Damascus.

Lake also commented on the sending of United States strike group naval forces (naval forces) of the countries in the Western Pacific in the Korean Peninsula. In his opinion, such a move could push Pyongyang to “further reckless action.”

The Senator acknowledged that American vessels, if they violate international agreements, can be in any part of the World ocean. “However, their presence off the coast of Korea will be extremely unprofitable, taking into account the necessity of establishing a negotiation process with Pyongyang”, he concluded.

Sending the strike group the U.S. Navy to the Korean Peninsula became known earlier, on 9 April. According to sources of Reuters, the group of ships led by the nuclear aircraft carrier Carl Vinson will be travelling to the region from Singapore. It is noted that such measures were taken in connection with the U.S. building up the DPRK’s military capabilities.