Dozens of young men pelted the police with stones and Molotov cocktails in Sweden

Young people in masks staged a riot in the area Hammarkullen in the North – East of the Swedish city of Gothenburg. This writes the newspaper Expressen.

According to the newspaper, the incident occurred at night on 9 April. About 30 people began to throw at police stones, picked them at a nearby construction site. One of the guards was wounded in the chest, from serious injuries of law enforcement officers saved the body armor and helmets.

Then the attackers began to throw policemen bottles with an incendiary mix. They set fire to one car staged several fires and smashed Windows in cafes. Police were forced to call in reinforcements. To help them also flew the helicopter.

A police spokesman Stefan Gustafsson (Stefan Gustafsson) stated that it is not about the social unrest, and crime. The actions of attackers classified as violence against the guards, riots, vandalism and criminal damage by fire.

The instigators to identify so far failed, as they hid their faces behind masks. To detain the attackers on the spot failed.