In Turkey crashed balloon with tourists

Balloon carrying tourists crashed near the Turkish town of Nevsehir (popular tourist destination Cappadocia). On Sunday, April 9, according to Hurriyet.

The cause of the accident was a collision of the balloon with high voltage wires due to strong winds. In result of incident one person died and at least 20 injured. They are hospitalized in nearby hospitals.

About the nationality of the tourists Hurriyet reported. At the same time RIA Novosti with reference to the representative of police of the province of Nevsehir clarifies that killed a traveler from France. Among the other balloon passengers were French, Colombians and Turks. Russians among victims are not present.

In mid-March, it was reported that in Turkey, as a result of a hard landing of the three balloons has suffered 49 of tourists from China and Europe. The incident occurred during a flight over Cappadocia. Nine of the injured were hospitalized with fractures. The rest of the campers received minor injuries.

Cappadocia — the historical name of the area in the East of Asia Minor on the territory of modern Turkey. The region is remarkable volcanic landscape, ancient underground cities and cave monasteries. On its territory there is the Goreme national Park, a UNESCO world heritage site.