Scientists have given a full explanation of the blue-and-gold “dress of discord”

Scientists have given a full explanation of the blue-and-gold “dress of discord”

MOSCOW, April 8 — RIA Novosti. Famous wedding dress that caused a lot of controversy on the Internet, is seen by different people in different color due to the fact that different people perceive the play of light and shadow, says the neuroscientist in an article published in the Journal of Vision.

Blue-and-black dress has divided the world into two camps (photo)

— Eugen Sakal (@Gienius_S) April 30, 2016
The exposure of the original was too badly, which it is not clear where the source of illumination. For this reason, we consciously and subconsciously have to make assumptions about how it lit dress that affects what color we see in karthikapally Vallisneriaceous from new York University

In the spring of 2015 the next Internet celebrity was not an animal or a person, and the wedding dress of the social network Tumblr. Thousands of people were arguing about what color it is gold or blue. In the end it turned out that more than 70% of respondents see him in white and gold colours and only a third of respondents say that the dress is blue and black. Later it was discovered that there is another small group of people who dress seems brown.

“Dress of discord” quickly attracted the attention of neuroscientists and other scientists who tried to explain why this is happening and who is to blame. They suggested that the disputes arose because of how the human brain removes excess color to the perceived image.

Wallis offered its own explanation of why the brain removes either blue or yellow from the picture, it is connected to what ideas guided the man looking at a photograph or a picture. According to him, important of all, where the light source and how it illuminates objects in the photo or the canvas.

“Shadows are usually painted in blue tones, so we are usually in the mind subtract the blue color from the image, and we are left with only a bright picture in gold and white. On the other hand, artificial light usually gives yellow, so when we see the bright picture, we also “remove” the tint from the image, resulting in seeing black and blue dress,” explains the biologist.

The scientist tested his hypothesis by typing in the global network a group of 13 of thousands of volunteers. He asked them to look again at the photo “dress of discord” and to answer the only question — is whether the dress caitlyn MacNeil in the shade or not.

As it turned out, the idea of shaded the dress, strongly influenced by what I saw volunteers in the picture. Those who believed that the dress is in shadow, in 80% cases considered him the gold, and the people who held the opposite view, in 50% of cases considered him black and blue.

Trying to explain why opinions were divided, and in this case, Valles think about whether the order of the day to influence the perception of light and shadow.

He re-interviewed the volunteers and found out that the “larks”, used to live in bright sunshine and see the bright shade, considered the dress of gold, and “owls” — black and blue

Similar to the results of experiments, as the scientist, once again emphasize the subjectivity of human perception of reality — the colors we think we see in the world, in fact, can be quite different.