The Central pavilion will be turned into a Museum

The Central pavilion will be turned into a Museum

The Central pavilion VDNH after restoration will become a Museum, RIA real Estate with reference to the chief architect of the restoration project of the exhibition complex Yulia Gaponenko.

“All the historical elements in the course of restoration will be restored”, — she said and added that there will be exhibited paintings, sculptures and other art objects made from different materials.

The pavilion was temporarily closed in 2014. Previously, there was located a retail space and Museum program “Field of miracles”. The completion date of restoration is not yet known, it is known only that it will be completed after 2018.

While in the building preparatory work, during which experts found several paintings, presumably, 1950-60-ies of the last century. One of them shows the plant. The exact age will help to determine expertise.

The Central pavilion was built by 1954, in the tradition of classical Russian architecture and resembles the Central tower of the Admiralty building in St. Petersburg. Only on the territory of the exhibition complex is located 47 monuments of culture and 20 historic sites. The last reconstruction of the exhibition of economic achievements was held in 1965.