The main witness in the case of the coup in Montenegro recanted

Mirko Velimirovic

Mirko Velimirovic, one of the main witnesses in the case of organizing the coup attempt in Montenegro, stated that their confessions were fabricated by the Special Prosecutor’s office and signed by him under pressure. This was reported in the Democratic front (DF), the Montenegrin opposition parties, reports RIA Novosti.

“I don’t want false readings to cause suffering and loss of liberty of someone else. Want to soothe their conscience with the message of the truth about the events of October 2016… we had no plans to commit violence against the citizens of Montenegro, their political or state representatives or the police, or to seize power through violent means,” said Velimirovic.

He also said that he would sign anything under threat freedom trust him. “And the more readings, the meaning of which see now,” said Velimirovic.

In Spectaculator have already responded to the actions of the Velimirovic. “The court confirmed that the convict knowingly and voluntarily confessed to committing the offence with which the accused that the confession corresponds to the case submitted evidence that he is fully aware of the implications of the agreement, especially one that waives the right to trial and right to appeal against a decision of the court on the basis of the agreement,” the statement said.

According to Spectrometry, in his testimony Velimirovic reported that people gathered to participate in the strife and received from the Serbian nationalist Alexander Sindzhelich, another accused in the case, 30 million euros to buy machines for carrying out the coup. Weapons Velimirovic bought, disassembled and thrown in the lake, mentioned in the Prosecutor’s materials. On the basis of a confession and a plea deal he was sentenced to six months probation, was obliged to continue to cooperate with investigators.

In February the special Prosecutor of Montenegro Milivoje Catnic accused Moscow of involvement in the coup attempt, which was to occur in October 2016. On the same day, British The Telegraph reported that Russian special services might be behind the assassination attempt on the former Prime Minister of the Republic Milo Djukanovic. The Russian foreign Ministry all such allegations called unfounded, the Kremlin said that Moscow’s involvement in the Montenegrin events is not out of the question.