Tajikistan will respond to the limitation of flights to Russia the airline “Somon air”

Tajikistan will respond to the limitation of flights to Russia the airline “Somon air”

DUSHANBE, 4 APR — RIA Novosti. The aviation authorities of Tajikistan banned the seven flights of Russian airlines flying to Tajikistan, told RIA Novosti a source in the leadership of the Ministry of transport of Tajikistan.

“As the mirror measures we ban four flights of Ural airlines to Dushanbe and three flights of airline “UTair” in Khujand”, — said the Agency interlocutor, noting that this measure will be taken once before the aviation authorities of the Russian Federation banned the seven flights operated by the airline “Somon air” on the route “Dushanbe-Moscow, and Khujand-Moscow”.

“The Russian aviation authorities resorted to this measure after Tajikistan agreed on seven flights of airline “Yamal” from the “Zhukovsky” Dushanbe four flight and route “Zhukovsky-Khujand” three flights”, — he said.

The Ministry of transport of the Republic reminded that in the framework of the Protocol of the intergovernmental Commission of Russia and Tajikistan, held on 27 January, it was recorded that the parties have two joint flight from Zhukovsky: two — airline “Yamal”, two Tajik airline “Somon air”.

We were given permission to run two flights of “Yamal” of Zhukovsky in the summer, but the Russian side in violation of the Protocol called for seven flights, with which we disagreed. We will continue to defend interessement Agency in the Ministry of transport of Tajikistan

Russia Monday April 3, imposed restrictions on flights of Tajik airlines “Somon air” from Dushanbe (4 weekly flights) and Khudjand (3 flights a week) in Russia.