Exhausted body the Russians found in a suitcase in an Italian port

The body of a Russian citizen found in the suitcase at the port of the Italian city of Rimini. It is reported by the Italian version of the publication Huffington Post. Itself the find was made on March 27, however, to identify the dead only managed 3 APR.

The body was discovered by local fishermen: they noticed the rocking on the waves of the suitcase, dragged it into the boat, opened it and saw inside wrapped in a plastic bag badly decomposed body of a woman. The coroner noted the strong depletion of the deceased. “She looked like through the concentration camps took place,” — quoted by BBC News in March, people familiar with the situation of the investigators.

Police suggest that suffering from anorexia, a woman could die of natural causes, but then someone tried to get rid of the body, stick it in a suitcase and throwing in the Adriatic sea. As RIA Novosti reported, citing local media, the Russian woman had a residence permit in Italy and repeatedly came to the hospital with a diagnosis of “anorexia”.