Words Tillerson about the Russian aggression has caused bewilderment in the Russian foreign Ministry



The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia has expressed bewilderment in connection with the statement of US state Secretary Rex Tillerson about “Russian aggression”. The statement was published on the Agency’s website.

“Perplexed relevant statements of the Secretary of state R. Tillerson. We regret to state that this kind of rating was announced the day after the meeting of the Council Russia-NATO at the level of permanent representatives, where, in recognition of the Secretary General of the Alliance.Stoltenberg, “in an open and constructive atmosphere” was held a meaningful discussion on a wide range of issues,” — said in the message.

The Russian foreign Ministry also added that the statement Tillerson can be explained by looking at NATO, “a strong unifying motive”. For this purpose the leadership of the Alliance is spreading “slander of “Russian aggression” and “infinite spells” on the need to confront Moscow. The Ministry stressed that Russia impose a “confrontational paradigm of relationship based on the logic of military confrontation”.

Rex Tillerson said earlier that at the meeting of foreign Ministers of the countries-participants of NATO will be discussed about “the Russian aggression” and possible retaliation of NATO. Also, the Secretary added that the United States will not withdraw from Russia sanctions until Crimea is not coming back under the control of the Kiev authorities. 30 March, Brussels hosted a meeting of the Council Russia-NATO at the level of ambassadors. Crimea became part of Russia in March 2014 following a referendum.