Sociologist: the Russian youth is an obvious request for the truth

Sociologist: the Russian youth is an obvious request for the truth

“In the frame of political programs youth are engaged unilaterally and formally presenting it as a homogenous manageable mass mobilization, as occurred in the early 2000s, and now the youth has changed a lot — making through practices of Patriotic education of youth to be engaged it is hardly possible”, — told in interview to magazine “the Spark” the head of the Center for youth studies Elena Omelchenko.

“The youth is the obvious request for the truth and for the answers they want to hear, — said the expert.— And it is important that now was answers, not started tightening the screws or the invention of new large-scale youth programs. Young abandoned the policy in the official, semi-official format, but politically was included and literate.”

“This generation lives not only in the “figure” that showed them taking to the streets on 26 March, — says Mrs. Omelchenko.— Sociologists and a few politicians exaggerated the significance “numbers” as a space in which to take older teenagers. In fact, social networks suggest the importance of face-to-face… We studied the state of youth solidarity, he drew attention to the fact that the pleasure derived from civic participation is closely associated with risk when you are involved in a collective effort, but not blend in. It’s an interesting phenomenon: they are more individualists (this generation), but advanced. Want them to be not only heard, but seen. It is brought up with a smartphone, Instagram. This is a very positive generation: the growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle is a trend. You have to be in the topic: no drinking, no Smoking, fitness center, to help homeless people and animals. It turns out the new formula of citizenship, which is very important for advanced young — those who came to the rally. And political activity is part of their picture of the world”.