The former candidate in US presidents Rubio said about cyber attacks from Russia



Former presidential candidate, US Senator Marco Rubio during a hearing in the Senate said that in 2016 the cyber attack from Russian hackers attacked the computers of employees of his campaign.

According to him, the hacker attack was carried out in July 2016.

“Former members of my campaign staff for the presidential elections who had access to inside information, my campaign was attacked from IP addresses that are in an unknown location in Russia. These attempts were a failure,” Rubio was quoted by CNN.

He also said that a similar cyber attack, which also did not succeed, was committed on his ex-employees in recent days.

Earlier, the U.S. Senate declared that Russia tried to interfere in the democratic process of the country, and also hinted at the possibility of license revocation, RT.

March 30, U.S. President Donald trump extended to the States of emergency in the field of cybersecurity.