CEC reported on the growing interest of immigrants to the election of the President of the Russian Federation


RIA Novosti

The CEC began to receive complaints from compatriots abroad, who are ready to take an active part in the future presidential campaign in 2018. The Russian citizens want to campaign, distribute leaflets to communicate with Russian politicians and journalists, and most importantly — to vote. About this RT said CEC member Vasily Likhachev. The treatment received from the United States, Germany, Israel, Finland, the Baltic countries. Likhachev noted that this activity citizens “can not but rejoice”.

The Russian presidential election in March 2018, but from mid-February 2017, the CEC began to receive complaints of Russians living abroad — from non-profit organizations, communities, and expert groups. In their letters they Express a desire to participate actively in the upcoming election campaign. About it he told RT CEC member Vasily Likhachev, who oversees the field of international election observation. Letters, as explained by the Likhachev, come from Germany, USA, Israel, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

“They (the nationals. — RT) propose measures for improving the work of the Russian diplomatic missions, for example, increase the number of adoptive. Want to see the representatives of Russian political parties and journalists. In the latest treatment of one of the organizations offers to connect to the distributing outreach literature, flyers. Also offer amendments to the legislation (to improve the process of elections abroad. — RT)”, — said the representative of the CEC.

Such a rise in interest of Russian citizens living abroad, the topic of the upcoming elections “can not but rejoice,” says Likhachev. According to him, over time, interest in the presidential campaign will only grow.

“I think closer to this election, we need to prepare, maybe an informal treatment to the parties who will nominate the presidential candidates to focus on a more active presence in the campaign abroad,” — said CEC member.

According to Likhachev, abroad are about 32 million people who have Russian passports and can vote in presidential elections.

Sergei Reznik — President of the Association of Russian citizens, permanently residing in Lithuania, told RT that the organization plans to participate in presidential elections. The activists intend to campaign and to get buses to collect Russians and their transportation to the polling stations. In addition, they want to increase their own role in the political life of Russia.

“The Embassy hires members of election commissions from among the spouses or children of employees of the Embassy, says Resnick. We don’t have that right, it is not clear why. Although people have proven and reliable. I would also like to the state Duma, was the Deputy who would represent the interests of Russian citizens of Baltic, was with us for regular meetings and helped in solving problems,” explains Resnick.

The Chairman of the Society “Russian house” in Poland Galina Sigel told RT that Russians living abroad, actively follow the political life in Russia watch Russian TV and are planning to participate in the presidential elections in Russia in 2018. She noted that if Poland during the campaign called for Russian politicians, it would have attracted attention to the election.

“If someone came, this information would spread rapidly. We would even each other called and said, they say, “you know, there is Zhirinovsky coming”. People would come to watch and listen to that a politician will say,” says Sigel.

The Russians in Poland with their families would like to visit the homeland, but sometimes they face great difficulties in obtaining visas, says Sigel. For example, if someone from the family is a Polish citizen.

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Victor Vodolatsky explained the reason for the growing interest of Russian citizens abroad for the upcoming elections.

“Koreans see a clear message of our President in readiness to protect Russian peace. And they want, if Vladimir Putin expresses desire to run for another term, become active agitators and agents to the entire Russian world came to the polls and voted for our leader,” — said Vodolatsky.

In recent months the state Duma has held a number of parliamentary hearings. They raised the questions about the allocation of Russians, living abroad, places in Russian universities, adds the MP.

The last hearing was held March 20 with the participation of citizens from 43 countries near and far abroad. It discussed the steps of the state about the security of Russian citizens living abroad, work, and the preservation of Russian schools, the Russian language and other measures for the preservation and development of Russia’s ties with its citizens living abroad.