One of the detainees at the Manege was the son of the former Deputy of the state Duma

Roman Shingarkin (center)

Among those detained April 2, near the Manege square in Moscow was the 17-year-old high school student Roman Shingarkin, the son of former state Duma Deputy from the LDPR faction Maxim Shingarkin. About it on Twitter, told the capital the correspondent of “Russian service Bi-bi-si”, Sarah Rainsford.

According to TASS, the Manege square was arrested at least seven people attempting to take part in an unsanctioned rally. Taken to the nearby parked police bus.

In the Moscow cupola MIA said only about trying to hold a rally near the triumphal square. For violations of public order was detained 29 people.

Shingarkin, Jr. was involved in an inconsistent rally against corruption held on 26 March in Central Moscow. This information he confirmed in an interview with Reuters. During the campaign, the teenager climbed on a lamppost on Pushkin square, as below, according to him, nothing was visible. Some time Shingarkin sat on the pole, but later the police talked him down and arrested immediately. The police Department of a schoolboy took his father.