The interior Ministry said the number of detainees in unauthorized actions

In the Russian interior Ministry said the number of detained participants of the unauthorized shares, held on Sunday, 2 April, in various cities of the country. This was reported on the website of the Department.

So, in Moscow during uncoordinated actions in the area of triumph square detained 31 people. They were taken to police units in respect of them have made administrative reports for violation of public order. As noted, overlapping squares or streets in the city were not carried out.

In addition, one of the participants in the inconsistent events were detained in St. Petersburg.

It is also reported that the action with the participation of 20 people were held in Ryazan and Ivanovo, 13 took to the streets in Yakutsk, 40 — in Barnaul. Among the most numerous — Novosibirsk (400 people), Samara — 650 participants, Astrakhan (250). In these settlements of violations of the order was not, nobody was arrested.

Earlier in the Moscow office of internal Affairs reported that on Tverskaya street near the triumphal square detained 29 people. In addition, there were reports of detentions near the Manege square.

1 April, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the fact of appeal to arrange 2 of the April riots. According to the UK, 29 March the Internet, an unknown person under the pseudonym posted a text message calling for action very extremist.