In Voronezh lit shopping center

In Voronezh lit shopping center

In a shopping center in Voronezh there was a fire. This was reported by the press service of EMERCOM in the region.

According to authorities, the fire happened at the shopping center “Gallery of Chizhov” on the street Koltsovsky, 35. The fire damaged the cable mine from the first to the fifth floor.

In the MOE noted that according to operational information, there is a victim.

The press-Secretary of Department Sergey Khrenov told “Interfax” that as a result of the incident was injured girl born in 2006. It is, according to Bad, smoke inhalation. He also said that the preliminary cause of the fire — circuit wiring.

The representative of the Ministry added that all the visitors of the shopping center were evacuated.

In Moscow on March 26, a fire occurred in the shopping center “scarab”, which is on 8-th km of MKAD. He broke out in the basement, reported in the Metropolitan emergency Department. A source in the emergency services of the capital have informed “Interfax” that from the building were removed, 200 people.