Archaeologists have discovered near Moscow a secret room

In Moscow archaeologists in monitoring the preparatory work on the program “My street” found at the base of the Kitay-Gorod wall “hearing” — the chamber of secrets, helped the defenders of Moscow in the XVI century to eavesdrop on the enemy on the other side of fortress construction. This was reported on the website of the municipality.

“Archaeologists in one of the trenches opposite the Church of St. John the theologian under the Elm saw a small room with arched walls. It’s embedded in the kitaigorodskaya wall at the level of the Foundation. Presumably, there was a theological tower of China-town,” explained the chief archaeologist of Moscow Leonid Kondrashov.

In the area of Lubyanka and New square, where workers were preparing sites for future tranches of the laying of utilities, the archaeologists found more than 150 artifacts of the XVI–XIX centuries. These are fragments of pottery, copper coins, iron household products. The scientists also found some tiles, iron arrow and a Cannonball of the XVII century. It is noted that findings will be carefully studied, after which experts will decide on their further transfer to the museums.

Archaeological monitoring will be conducted at all construction sites “My street” from April to September.

In 2016, the landscaping Tverskaya street was discovered the Foundation of the Church of St. Demetrius, destroyed in 1933-1934.

Improvement programme “My street” is implemented in Moscow in 2015. It will last until 2018. It is expected that it will cover more than 4000 of the streets and outbound motorways. The main goal is to create a favorable city environment for pedestrians, cyclists and people with disabilities.