British airports and nuclear power plants is prescribed to strengthen protection against terrorist attacks

Heathrow Airport

In the UK, to airports and nuclear power plants is prescribed to strengthen the protection against terrorist attacks because of increasing threats to electronic security. About this newspaper The Telegraph.

For the last day intelligence agencies have issued a series of notifications, warning that terrorists may have developed methods that bypass security systems.

They point out that Islamic state and other terrorist groups have developed ways of laying explosives in laptops and mobile phones that may allow you to pass checks at airports.

Also, there are fears that hackers working for terrorists who might try to circumvent security of nuclear power plants. Intelligence agencies warn that terrorists, foreign spies and “hacktivists” will seek to exploit vulnerabilities in the protection industry.

As previously reported, American intelligence agencies believe that ISIS and other extremist groups have developed a new way to install explosive devices in different gadgets, which they can’t detect scanners at airports. Intelligence officials believe that the terrorists were able to get the equipment used in airports. With it, they check how effectively can hide bombs in laptops and other electronic devices.

It was noted that these data influenced the decision to ban in the second half of March, passengers in the U.S. from a number of countries in North Africa and the Middle East, to take in the beauty of the aircraft electronic devices.

“Islamic state” in Russia included in the list of terrorist organizations, for participation in activities which provide for criminal liability.