Yamal Permyak saddled bear

Yamal Permyak saddled bear

Posted by the residents of Yamal video as a man is simply “talking” on the street with a huge bear — hugging a predator, and then tries riding it, most users. We explained that the picture of the witnesses was shot in Gubkinskiy (Yamal).

Some admired the courage of the men, while others expressed a completely opposite opinion about the man who risked not only their lives, but strangers. Because it took place on a street where there were a lot of other people. And someone thought it was a mockery of the animals.

However, soon everything is clear. It turns out that “fresh air” brought into the streets of his pet, the trainer of the circus from Perm: Mar 30 artists performed in the city of Gubkin. Needless to say that the hall is to the local recreation center after a “PR campaign” was full, writes the site Ura.Ru.