In North-East Nigeria, militants “Boko Haram” kidnapped girls 22

In North-East Nigeria, militants “Boko Haram” kidnapped girls 22

MOSCOW, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti. The militants of the radical Islamist group “Boko Haram” kidnapped 22 girls in two attacks on villages in northeast Nigeria, reports on Saturday Agence France-Presse, citing the statement of local residents.

According to the Agency, during the first attack on March 30, militants kidnapped a total of 18 girls. “The militants “Boko Haram” from the camp Mamman Nur arrived in pickup trucks around 06.00 and kidnapped 14 girls aged 17 and under”, — quotes Agency the words of one of the locals. He also said that four more girls had been kidnapped after trying to escape.

“During the attack, the militants did not hurt anybody and did not attempt to shoot the fleeing villagers,” added the eyewitness.

It is reported that four girls were kidnapped in the second attack. According to the Agency, the Islamists also killed the shepherd, who refused to pay them ransom.

Boko Haram — a radical Islamist group operating primarily in Nigeria. In April 2014, the militants kidnapped 276 Nigerian Schoolgirls in Cibaca in Borno state in northeast Nigeria. The leader of the group offered to exchange the girls on all the arrested militants, but the government refused. In August this year, the militants “Boko Haram” published video on which, according to them, captured live hostage. On published frames were present not all the high school girls. The militants said that the other girls were killed in the air strikes.