Czech Ambassador in Switzerland withdrew from the post because of critical tweets wife

Czech Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Karel Boruvka received from the Ministry of foreign Affairs of his country requirement until the end of April to leave the post. On Friday, March 31, says Lidovky. According to him, foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek has accused his employee that he can’t affect the spouse who publish micro-blogging network Twitter criticisms. “I got a notice that should leave his post. Without any justification. I returned to the Ministry. In personal correspondence with the Minister chided me repeatedly that I can’t shorten his wife and her communication in social networks. And this was the reason for my immediate dismissal,” — said Boruvka. He added that he considers the actions of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic is unprecedented. “We are talking about the personal rights of my wife, she’s a private citizen and not an employee of the foreign Ministry,” — said

Trump has signed two decrees on trade policy

Donald Trump The US President Donald trump on Friday, March 31, signed two Executive orders aimed at narrowing the trade deficit. Reported by the Associated Press. According to the first document, Department of trade given 90 days to prepare a report on the factors influencing the trade deficit. Another decree aimed at increasing collection of import duties. “Work and well-being gone from our country,” said trump in the oval office of the White house. “We returned manufacture and place in our country,” he added. “First, I sign an Executive order to ensure that we collect all taxes and duties from foreign importers who engaged in fraud. From this point on those who violate the rules will face serious consequences, very serious consequences”, — quotes TASS of the word trump. “Secondly, I signed a decree on conducting a comprehensive assessment of the trade deficit of the US and all violations that

In Italy for refusing to wear the hijab mother shaved 14 year old daughter shaved

In Italy parents have punished a 14-year-old girl for refusing to wear the Muslim headscarf in public places. On Friday, March 31, the newspaper La Repubblica. According to her, it is about a family of immigrants from Bangladesh, who for several years lived in the suburbs of Bologna and among the neighbours was considered closed, but not radically Islamic. However, the newcomers did not attract the attention of the police and was not seen in local mosques. Mother of eighth-grader after learning that she at leaving the house takes off the hijab, but came back and again wears it, shaved her bald. The incident became known when the girl in this form came to class. The girl told about the incident the teacher, then the school administration has addressed in law enforcement bodies. It turned out that the parents didn’t just make three daughters to wear traditional Muslim clothing, but

In the state Duma proposes to allow to wear the hijab in schools in Chechnya the law

Oleg Smolin First Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on education Oleg Smolin in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” criticized adopted by the Chechen Parliament a law allowing schools in the Republic the wearing of the hijab. According to the Deputy, the question needs to be expanded. Smolin recalled that the law “On education” implies a secular education, but it does not prevent to introduce the subject “Fundamentals of religious culture and secular ethics”. “I am a supporter of secular education and believe that, ideally, religious beliefs, religious symbolism should remain a threshold state and municipal educational institutions. But in this case, all religions should be treated the same. If you can not hijab, it is impossible and crosses, icons and other symbols,” — said Smolin. At the same time the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on state building and law Mikhail Emelyanov said that the

Of the Sands evaluated Russia’s chances to overtake Elon musk in space

Elon Musk Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called an important achievement of the re-launch of the space rocket, the Falcon 9 company SpaceX Elon musk. His words on Friday, March 31, the correspondent “”. According to the representative of the Kremlin, Moscow is monitoring the technological breakthroughs around the world. “The development of such technologies will be taken into consideration by the specialists of our space industry”, — said Peskov. He added that the Russian space Corporation “Roscosmos” “also passes through a period of transformation, improving work.” “And many times the head of “Roskosmos” [Igor] Mosquitoes was reported to the President on availability is also quite advanced, and breakthrough developments are working on our experts,” continued the press Secretary of the President. According to him, in the space sector is highly competitive, but “there is every reason to believe” that Russia will be able to survive

In Dagestan, unknown assailants attacked a kindergarten

Masked men tried to set fire to a kindergarten in Makhachkala. It is reported The incident occurred early Friday morning, March 31. According to the newspaper, three men broke into the building, stabbed the guard, and then gathered a bunch of towels and sheets and set on fire. The fire broke out, and then the criminals fled the scene. The guard received medical treatment. Besides him, no one was hurt: in the time of the accident the children and the teachers in the preschool institution has not happened. The reasons unknown to break into the children’s garden, are being investigated. Solves a question on excitation of criminal case. At the beginning of this year unknown 41-year-old man in China has entered kindergarten, where he attacked students with a knife. 11 of the victims were given medical assistance. On 11 January it was reported that members of the Border Department

Russia starts spring draft campaign

© Cyril Kuhmar/TASS MOSCOW, April 1. /TASS/. About 142 thousand people will be called up for military service during the spring conscription campaign, which began today in Russia. A feature of this call will be a significant reduction in the number of conscripts by 10 thousand less than usual.