In Dagestan, unknown assailants attacked a kindergarten

Masked men tried to set fire to a kindergarten in Makhachkala. It is reported

The incident occurred early Friday morning, March 31. According to the newspaper, three men broke into the building, stabbed the guard, and then gathered a bunch of towels and sheets and set on fire. The fire broke out, and then the criminals fled the scene.

The guard received medical treatment. Besides him, no one was hurt: in the time of the accident the children and the teachers in the preschool institution has not happened.

The reasons unknown to break into the children’s garden, are being investigated. Solves a question on excitation of criminal case.

At the beginning of this year unknown 41-year-old man in China has entered kindergarten, where he attacked students with a knife. 11 of the victims were given medical assistance.

On 11 January it was reported that members of the Border Department of the FSB in Primorsky Krai was saved from a fire in a private kindergarten in the region of six children.