In Italy for refusing to wear the hijab mother shaved 14 year old daughter shaved

In Italy parents have punished a 14-year-old girl for refusing to wear the Muslim headscarf in public places. On Friday, March 31, the newspaper La Repubblica.

According to her, it is about a family of immigrants from Bangladesh, who for several years lived in the suburbs of Bologna and among the neighbours was considered closed, but not radically Islamic. However, the newcomers did not attract the attention of the police and was not seen in local mosques.

Mother of eighth-grader after learning that she at leaving the house takes off the hijab, but came back and again wears it, shaved her bald.

The incident became known when the girl in this form came to class. The girl told about the incident the teacher, then the school administration has addressed in law enforcement bodies. It turned out that the parents didn’t just make three daughters to wear traditional Muslim clothing, but were forbidden to leave the house alone, and also to communicate with the men. Father and mother were accused of brutal treatment of children.

Social services removed the girls from the family and placed in a safe place, which is not disclosed. The parents will appear before the court.

The mayor of Bologna, called the selected girls for the punishment “unacceptable act of parental authoritarianism.” The representatives of the Muslim community also condemned so radical co-religionists.