Media: the Czech Ambassador in Switzerland withdraw from the post because of his wife’s tweets

Media: the Czech Ambassador in Switzerland withdraw from the post because of his wife’s tweets

PRAGUE, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti, Alexander Kuranov. The Czech Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Karel Boruvka got the message from the Czech foreign Ministry that by the end of April must leave his post: the head of depodesta Lubomir Zaoralek accused the Ambassador that he can’t have an impact on his wife, placing criticism in the micro-blogging network Twitter, reports the Prague Lidovky.

“Without any arguments, I was informed that should leave his post. In personal correspondence with the Minister indicated to me that I can’t tame his wife and her communication in social networks. And this was the reason for my instant dismissal”, — said Boruvka, who previously held the post of Deputy head of the Czech foreign Ministry.

The Ambassador’s wife Alena Borovkova, as well as her husband, as well as foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek, are active members of the Czech social democratic party, and Borovkova in the past even applied for the post of Chairman of the party. Recently Borovkova shows its activity mainly in social networks, often without regard to authorities she harshly criticizes fellow party members and other politicians and journalists.

Ambassador Boruvka with the actions of the leadership of the Ministry of foreign Affairs strongly disagree. “I think it’s just incredible, nothing like in Czech diplomacy can’t remember. We are talking about the personal rights of my wife, who is not an employee of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, as a private person,” said Boruvka.

The press-Secretary of the Czech diplomatic corps Michaela Lagronova confirmed that Karel Boruvka really have until the end of April to leave the post of Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and to return to work in the foreign Ministry. “He transferred in accordance with the law on civil service. This can be done at any time and without specifying the arguments,” said Lagronova.

Upon returning to the foreign Ministry Boruvka will be offered a job according to his qualifications and experience, added Lagronova

The final word in this story remains with the President of Czech Republic Milos Zeman, who, according to law, approves the appointment and dismissal of ambassadors to other countries.