In Chukotka will generate energy frame of the North-East of Russia


RIA Novosti

The creation of Chukotka, the world’s first floating APEC and the interconnection of the region and Kolyma will allow to generate energy frame in the North-East of the Russian Federation, said the Governor, JSC Roman Kopin at the meeting of the governors of the Northern forum.

According to the press service of the government of Chukotka, Kopin noted that one of the main problems of the power system County — territorial and technological isolation, and high tariffs.

“Today we are facing a particular challenge is to provide high reliability in the harsh conditions of the Arctic zone…We have developed and are implementing a plan under which in 2019 in Pevek will start to work the overall APEC capacity of 70 mW; work began on the construction of transmission lines for the transmission of the required energy. In addition, it is supposed to combine isolated systems of Chukotka and the neighboring Magadan region. Thus, it will ensure the formation of the energy frame in the North-East of the Russian Federation, rich in precious and non-ferrous metals”, — quotes the Kopin press service of the regional government.

According to the Governor, a modern and efficient generating capacity of Chukotka and the new transmission line will improve the stability and reliability of power supply, and the use of sources of electricity generation nuclear power station in Pevek and Hydro-power generation in Magadan will meet the highest environmental standards.

In addition, Kopin announced that the modernization of district energy system will reduce electricity tariff by 2.5 times: from 16 rubles to 6 rubles per kW/h. This will make it possible to involve not only one of the world’s largest porphyry copper deposits Baskoy ore zones, but also in other promising projects, including some low-grade metal in the ore, will reduce the burden on small and medium businesses, and improve the quality of life of the local population, indigenous peoples of the North.

NPP on the basis of the floating power unit “Akademik Lomonosov” is created to provide consumers in the town of Pevek in the Chukotka region of electric and thermal energy. This station will help to replace retiring by 2019 in Chukotka generating capacity — Bilibino nuclear power plant and the Chaun thermal power station, which is important from the point of view of a guaranteed and sustainable energy supply in the region. Floating power unit “Akademik Lomonosov” is based on “the Baltic factory”. It needs to be completed in 2017.

In September 2016, it was reported that the design of the overhead transmission lines that are part of the energy bridge “Chukotka – Magadan”, which will connect local energy system district energy system of the Magadan region in order to optimize the scheme of energy supply of the Chaun-Bilibino site. Earlier “RAO ES of the East” appraised value of the construction of the energy bridge “Magadan — Chukotka” in 123 billion.