The names Renat and Elmira withdraw the ban

The names Renat and Elmira withdraw the ban

In the state Duma propose to introduce a rule prohibiting naming children abbreviations.

Names, abbreviations do not fall under the ban, follows from the amendments to the bill prohibiting parents from naming children unusual names. Such amendments to the second reading suggested that the Deputy Airat Farrakhov (“United Russia”). The Committee on state building of the state Duma, “Izvestiya” told that they are likely to be supported.

Otherwise, outlaws will be names that are common, for example, in Tatarstan: Renat, Ramil and Elmira.

The Duma Committee on state construction and legislation next week to finish a collection of amendments to the bill introduced by Senator Valentina Petrenko, which proposed to limit the parents right of choice of name for a child. According to the introduction of the document, the name may not consist “of digital, lettering, numerals, symbols, or any combination of abbreviations, profanity, indicate the positions”. Then the author explained that an unusual name can later cause discomfort to the child.

The Deputy Airat Farrakhov (“United Russia”) has amended for a second reading, which exclude the ban on the names of abbreviations of the draft law “On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation to change the procedure for assignment and registration of name.”

— Such names, abbreviations are common in Tatarstan. These include Renat (Revolution, science, work), Damir (long live the world revolution), Lenar (Lenin army), Ramil (working police), Elmira (electrification of the world). According to the Registrar’s office in the Republic of Tatarstan for the year 2016, such names are called more than 5 thousand children, — he explained “Izvestia”.

In addition, the MP proposed to fix the rate of “profanity” to “obscene”, given that the term “swearing” is enshrined in the Code of administrative offences and the law on mass media.

Earlier Roscomnadzor already said that the ban on the use of the media for four four-letter words and all “educated them language units”.

The second reading of the document also can prescribe the rule that in the name of the child should not be given the title.

In the original version it was only banning the ranks and positions. You can no longer use the name and punctuation, an exception will be made for the dash. Also under the ban will be a combination of letters and numbers — for example, “Sergey 2”.

Representatives from the regional Registrar’s office has already spoken in support of the bill. During the working group meeting in early February it was noted that in recent years Russia has experienced the most unexpected names: Sherlock Tugarin, Jan Danko, Duke, Media (in honor of Dmitry Medvedev), United Russia, Ullapool (Vladimir Putin is our leader).

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Committee member Irina Belykh (United Russia) told “Izvestiya” that the amendments will be discussed first at a meeting of the Committee and then in plenary session of the state Duma. She stressed that in developing the amendments, it is important to consider tradition and multiethnicity country. In addition, you must strike a balance between the rights of parents and the rights of the child.

— The law must be clear in every corner of the country, she said.

Also the second reading of the draft may be new rules for assigning names to children. Earlier, the head of the Duma Committee on state construction and the legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov (United Russia) said that a group of deputies proposes to allow to give children a double surname consisting of two parent. Now this is possible only if the couple have already “combined” names. If the amendment is approved, the child may be the Ivanov-Petrov legally, if the mother’s last name — Ivanov, and the name of the Pope — Petrov.

The consideration of the bill in the second reading could take place in late April.