Syrian army retakes 16 villages under Hama

The Syrian army launched a counterattack against the advancing forces of the radical opposition under Hama. About it reports Reuters with reference to information of the Syrian Observatory for human rights, located in London.

At the moment, the Syrian military managed to recapture 16 villages, their names are not reported. It is only known that these towns the rebels captured last week during an attack on Hama. Information about the counterattack of the government forces confirmed the news resources of the militants.

The offensive of the opposition in Hama began on the morning of March 22. It was attended by the Syrian free army (SSA), which in the West as “moderate rebels,” and “Tahrir al-sham”, formerly known as “Jabhat EN-Nusra” — branch of “al-Qaeda” in Syria. According to the representative of the FSA, fighters have been preparing for this attack, accumulating reserves.

Province of Hama — one of the strongholds of the rebels. In 1982, they broke out the uprising of the Islamists under the leadership of the organization “Muslim brotherhood”, brutally suppressed the forces of President Hafez al-Assad. In 2011, the province once again became the center of anti-government rebellion that led to civil war. On the territory of Louts are the various factions of the armed opposition, most of which adhere to radical Islamist ideology.