Lavrov commented on the instructions of Putin about protecting the Russian interests in the Arctic



“When someone is cooperating, we absolutely do not do it on the terms of the surrender of positions”, — said Lavrov, answering a request of the correspondent RT to explain why Putin said that Russia is ready to cooperate with foreign countries in the Arctic and at the same time instructed the Federal security service and the Ministry of defence to defend national interests of Russia.

Lavrov explained that the FSB and the Russian Armed forces provide not only the security of Russia, but also the safety of the Northern sea route.

“When we cooperate with foreign partners, and the President said about the readiness to do so in the development of resources in the transport business, we are responsible for the safety of those who will cooperate with us. So here, in my opinion, everything is logical”, — concluded the Minister.

Earlier, Putin said that Russia is ready for joint Arctic exploration with foreign partners. The President also instructed the defense Ministry and the FSB to protect the national interests of Russia in the Arctic.