Alaska wanted to be part of Russia

Alaska would be a more developed region in terms of security, if it ruled Russia. This statement was made by the adviser on the Arctic policy of the state government Craig Fleener. His words RIA Novosti reported.

“Russia saw in Alaska a strategic region, and they would (of the Russian Federation — the Rambler/news) so it was considered mainly due to geographical location and proximity to Canada and the United States, perhaps the Russians would develop Alaska from the point of view of national security. Therefore, it is possible that in respect of the security of the country, the region would be more developed”, — said Flener.

According to Pliner, under the control of Moscow in the region would develop oil, gas and mineral resources.

However, the politician stressed that he does not consider it possible to return Alaska to Russia in the first place, against such developments made themselves residents of the state.

One of the possible areas of cooperation between Russia and the state of Alaska, Flener called the monitoring and tracking of vessels and assistance to vessels in distress in Bering sea.

The southern coast of Alaska was discovered in 1741 of the Second Kamchatka expedition under the leadership of captain-commander of the Russian Navy Vitus Bering. Alaska was sold to the United States by Emperor Alexander II in March of 1867. The total transaction amounted to seven million 200 thousand dollars in gold.