The father of the young author’s political reform from Tomsk scolded son


Crown / YouTube

The father of fifth-grader Gleb from Tomsk, who suggested at the meeting on March 26, political reform, was critical of the performance of his son in action. Sergei Tokmakov gave an interview to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

“I knew that he was going to the rally, but my entreaties to leave it for him didn’t work. Just had to link it. But to act in ways I did not want. In the end, he with the scandal ran in the rally,” said the man.

Tokmak-senior believes that children at such events is nothing to do. “He understood that there was to be dangerous. However, it came to him after the meeting. And he realized that it was used,” added MK. “At the meeting, he went himself, no one pushed. But who benefits from it was his statement? Judge for yourself, he was surrounded by people, began to cheer, to applaud, to push to the microphone,” explained the father of the student.

According to him, the knowledge of boy in politics is very superficial, although the background peers Hleb looks advanced. “He would know and understand much deeper the situation, if I’d read more books. He was convinced after the meeting, when I talked to him. So dislike reading failed him,” said Tokmak. Answering the question, whether the talk is on political topics, he said, “the Last couple of months have not discussed with him, that’s it, and brought in the wrong steppe”.

The man also said the words of the son that the school can put an f if the student does not draw a picture about “our power”. “What about pictures, I talked to him. It turned out that the “politicization” of the lesson TRYING with him just seemed. They were given the task to prepare drawings of children-the heroes of the great Patriotic war”, — shared Tokmakov, saying that the boy job had no appeal and he refused to implement it.

In Tomsk on March 26, speaking at a protest against corruption, a fifth grader said that no matter who is ruling the country. “The main thing is to change the very system of government, the education system, the health care system. I go to school, and I am surprised why the school is so politicized,” says the child.