Wife of Fillon was formally charged in the fictitious employment

Wife of Fillon was formally charged in the fictitious employment

MOSCOW, 28 Mar — RIA Novosti. Wife of candidate for President of France françois Fillon and Penelope was formally charged in the case of fictitious employment, reports Reuters, citing a judicial source.

Earlier it was reported that investigators of the Procurator fiscal of France is currently interrogating the wife of a candidate for the presidency, former Prime Minister Francois Fillon and Penelope in the case of alleged fictitious jobs. It was expected that the wife of the candidate will be formally charged.

According to the Agency, citing a source, Penelope Fillon was charged with complicity to cover up the theft of public funds. She is also charged with abuse of public property and fraud under aggravating circumstances.

Earlier in France, a scandal broke out associated with the employment of wives and children of ex-Prime Minister françois Fillon. It erupted after the publication in the satirical newspaper Canard Enchaine, where he alleged that his wife Penelope was eight years old received a salary as assistant parliamentarian françois Fillon.

The paper referred to in the payment forms, according to which Penelope received money in the period from 1998 to 2002 from funds intended for the payment of service of parliamentarians. The newspaper made a reservation that hiring family members for various positions in the Parliament is not against the law only in the case when that employment is not fictitious.

In mid-March Fillon indicted on charges of embezzlement of state funds associated with fictitious employment of members of his family.

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