Terrorist Carlos the Jackal in France received a third life sentence

Carlos The Jackal

International terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, known as Carlos the Jackal, who was sentenced in France to a third life prison term for a terrorist act committed by them in Paris in 1974. It is reported BFMTV.

The consequence managed to establish that this person is directly responsible for the deaths of two and wounding 34 people, received as a result of a grenade thrown into one of the pharmacies.

As informs television channel, the court took into account the arguments of the prosecution and sentenced the offender the most severe possible under French law the sentence.

Since 1997, Carlos is serving two consecutive life terms without parole for the murder of two policemen in Paris in 1975, as well as the series of terrorist attacks in 1982 and 1983 in the French capital, Marseilles and the undermining of the two trains. The victims of these attacks were 11 people, more than 150 were injured.

In addition, Carlos has actively cooperated with the popular front for the liberation of Palestine. The most famous of them committed acts of terrorism — the seizure in 1975, 42 high-profile hostages in the headquarters of OPEC in Vienna. In 1994, he was arrested by intelligence officers in Sudan and extradited to France.

Sanchez was born in 1949 in Caracas (Venezuela). The name Lenin received from his father, who was a convinced Marxist (brothers of the terrorist called Vladimir and Lenin). Nickname Carlos received while working for the national front for the liberation of Palestine, a Jackal called him journalists after a search of his things was found the Frederick Forsyth novel “the day of the Jackal”.