In Peru during landing lit passenger aircraft

In Peru during landing lit passenger aircraft

MEXICO city, Mar 29 — RIA Novosti. Airliner airlines Peruvian Airlines caught fire on Tuesday while landing at the airport of the Peruvian town of Jauja, reports RPP.

On Board were 140 passengers, according to preliminary information, after planting all of them managed to evacuate aboard a burning aircraft.

The airport was closed for departures and arrivals of aircraft to the scene immediately there arrived fire-fighting crews.

Peruvian Airlines have confirmed the aircraft involved in the landing inc… via @S118869

— Aviation Source (@aviationsource) 29 Mar 2017

Un avión de la empresa Peruvian Airlines se ha incendiado en el aeropuer… #PeruNoticias

— Perú Noticias (@Peru_Noticias) 28 Mar 2017