Truck drivers began a nationwide strike against the “Plato”

Russian truckers began on Monday, March 27, indefinite country-wide strike against the system “Platon”. This was reported on the website of the Association of carriers of Ukraine (ODA).

In the action involved the drivers of ODA, representatives of the Interregional trade Union of professional drivers (MPVP), as well as members of various regional unions and associations.

Among the stated goals of the strike, in particular, the abolition of the system “Platon”, the elimination of vehicle tax, all of the carriers justification of calculation of excise duty on fuel, setting the mode of work and rest of drivers under the realities of Russia, as well as the resignation of the government.

According to the organizers of the strike to the TV channel “360”, they are counting on support from 10 to 20 thousand drivers across the country. Protesters are determined to stop the flow of cargo, including consumer goods.

It is reported that the action began in St. Petersburg, Primorye, Tatarstan and in other regions.

As stated by the journalist of “echo of Moscow” Alexey Vesnin on his Twitter, have already begun to arrest members and leaders of the strike. In particular, the organizer of the protest in St. Petersburg threatens till 15 days of arrest.

Mass protests against the system “Platon” was held in December 2015 — drivers from many regions went to Moscow, intending to block the traffic on the ring road. Police stopped a part of the columns at the entrance, however, the protests caused a temporary easing of tariff policy.

From 15 April 2017, the rate was planned to increase twice — up to three cents per mile. 24 March, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has decided to increase the cost of travel for heavy trucks in the quarter. Thus, now the cost is 1.91 ruble per kilometer.

The “Plato” started to work in November 2015. From 15 April 2016 the registration system became mandatory for all heavy trucks (12 tons) of cars. You will be charged both with Russian and foreign transport. The funds collected go to the Federal road Fund. Developer and operator of the “Plato” is TITS, which is owned by Igor Rotenberg, and structure of “Rostec” and “RT-invest”.