Putin put an end to the reform of the insurance

Putin put an end to the reform of the insurance

The President of Russia signed a law that requires the replacement of cash payments repairs for the insurance policies.

The document signed by President Vladimir Putin published on the official website of legal information. Earlier the bill, which deprives of car owners the opportunity to receive a cash payment in the event of an accident, was adopted by the state Duma and the Federation Council approved. The law will take effect 30 days from the date of publication.

Recall that the document contains several short stories. Thus, the payment for CTP by default will be in the form of car repairs. However, the law defines the cases when the payment will occur in cash. It’s a total loss of the vehicle, the excess of the cost of repairs above the limit of indemnity for insurance (RUR 400 thousand), the death of the victim in an accident or infliction of serious or medium gravity damage to his health. To claim the cash payment may also have disabilities. Payment can be in money and on the basis of the agreement of the victim with the insurer.

Repair for insurance will need to be done using new parts, if the car owner does not agree for used or refurbished parts. Repair period should not exceed 30 working days. Car service should be no more than 50 km from the accident site or residence of the victim.

It is assumed that the station repair will be to choose the victim, but the insurer of the list of its partners. For cars under two years who are out of warranty, the insurer will organize a repair from an authorized dealer.

News, the COP approved the right to damages in excess of insurance vilatorrada in the accident, the party may rely on the payments at the expense of the culprit

Under the new rules, in-kind payment to the victim will not have to pay for wear parts. When cash compensation for the difference in cost of new and used parts (wear and tear), as well as now, will be deducted from payments.

The law also stipulates the extension of the system of direct indemnification (PVU) on a collective collision (two cars). HLIs means that the victim insurance calls for payment to your insurer, not the insurer of the culprit, then insurance companies are calculated together.