From the taxi to the presidency: the first women in men’s professions

From the taxi to the presidency: the first women in men’s professions

March 28, 1912 born Soviet pilot Marina Raskova.

Exactly 105 years ago in the family of an Opera singer and school teacher was born Marina Raskova, which became one of the first women to receive the title Hero of the Soviet Union. From an early age the girl had an aptitude for music, and many thought she would follow the example of his father and become a successful performer. However, closer Raskova was science, not art. Having been a chemistry major, she took a keen interest in aviation and by 1933, he decided to devote his life to this cause.

In September 1938, Raskova together with Valentina Grizodubova and Polina Osipenko he flew nonstop from Moscow to the far East and installed so female aviation record flight range. Then the team went to the Komsomolsk-on-Amur, but because of the lack of fuel had made a forced landing. Eventually the crew was rescued and the pilots for this flight and for displaying courage was awarded the title of hero of the Soviet Union.

On the day of birth of Marina Raskova remember the names of the women who became pioneers in male occupations.

Military pilot

The first female pilot was Amelia Earhart, but in the skies as a military pilot first took our compatriot Yevgeniya Shakhovskaya. It happened during the First world war. But a year before to go to the front, she was thinking about retirement. In April 1913, her fault the plane crashed, which killed well-known pilot Vsevolod Abramovich.

With the outbreak of war Shakhovskaya found a use for their skills. In 1914 she enrolled in the army, and she fought in the air, along with other Russian pilots. However, a military pilot she spent a short time. Some time later she got kicked out of the army, and later accused of espionage.

The punishment was severe: imprisonment and the death penalty. To mitigate the sentence failed due to the personal instruction of Emperor Nicholas II, who once granted the request but on sending to the front. In the result, the death penalty was replaced by imprisonment in a monastery.

Female astronaut

Valentina Tereshkova was the tenth man in space and first among women. After the feat of Yuri Gagarin, the Soviet authorities wanted to maintain its leadership in this area. And the flight of the first women in space would help them to stay in this status.

The training was held in strict secrecy, even the mother Valentina Vladimirovna learned about achieving daughter when she returned to Earth. The launch of spacecraft “Vostok-6”, which was ruled by Tereshkova, in June 1963. Despite heavy physical exertion and poor health, the astronaut was able to spend beyond our planet for three days and to make 48 revolutions around the Earth.

According to pilots Marina Popovich, the father of Russian cosmonautics Sergei Korolev said after Tereshkova during his lifetime none of the women beyond the stratosphere of the Earth do not fly. The Queen’s words proved prophetic.

The second woman in space was Svetlana Savitskaya, who flew there only 19 years later


The world’s first head of state was Isabel Martinez de Peron, who was rezidentstvoval in Argentina from 1974 to 1976. She started as first lady. When he ran in 1973 for a third term, her husband Juan Peron has nominated Isabel for the post of Prime Minister. He managed to win the election, but next year the President of Argentina, died, and his post was automatically transferred to his wife.

The leaders of the main political parties supported the candidacy of Peron, and her term was not threatened until in March 1976 was not a coup organized by General Jorge Rafael Saw. In the end, the incumbent President of the country left under house arrest, and in 1981 was sent to Spain.

The taxi driver

The first woman sat down behind the wheel of a taxi, appeared long before driving among the fair sex became mundane.

A pioneer in this profession was the German, Elizabeth Von Papp in the early twentieth century

To deal with carting it forced difficult circumstances: Elizabeth lost her husband and was forced to single-handedly support their children. In the end, Papp decided to enter the Berlin school drivers and in 1908 left on the roads of the German capital.

But the first Russian woman who became a taxi driver, was Muscovite Tatyana Tikhonova. She also took part in the famous Karakum race, breaking the car in 9.4 thousand km.

A trip around the world

The first woman round the globe, was the Frenchwoman Jeanne Barre. It happened in 1766. For achieving the goal she had to go to the trick. Disguised as a man and calling herself Jean Barre, she found a servant to Filibera the botanist Commerson, who was preparing to sail around the world.

According to one version, her identity remained unsolved prior to arrival in Tahiti. Others say that Commerson originally knew about the trick Barre and took her to the ship as a mistress. Either way, the unmasking still happened. In the end, Jeanne landed in Mauritius and France she had to get on another ship.