The British defense Minister has blamed Russia of self-confidence and assertiveness

Michael Fallon

The British defense Secretary Michael Fallon said that Russia is becoming more “confident and assertive”. This opinion he expressed on Monday, March 27, during his speech at the international security conference in London. His words are on the Agency’s website.

“When it comes to Russia, we clearly understand the pattern of behavior that is becoming more self-confident and assertive. We want Moscow changed its position, perform the Minsk agreement, restricted reckless military activity and stopped the misinformation,” said the Minister.

Fallon noted that only under these conditions will have the opportunity to improve relations with Russia. “Meantime, we must “cooperate, but watch out for” as saying Prime Minister (Teresa may — approx. “Of the”), “—said the head of Department.

16 Feb Fallon accused Russia of trying to destabilize the West and NATO, including through the media. According to him, Moscow is implementing a “soft propaganda” in the United Kingdom through the “channel, which it has in the UK and through the news agencies, it has the impact on the UK”.

January 27, Theresa may, speaking before members of the Republican party in Philadelphia, said that the West should engage with Russia from a position of strength, while trying to avoid conflicts. She expressed the opinion that Britain and the United States can work with Moscow on Syria, using the rule “trust but verify”. With Russian President Vladimir Putin: “my advice is to cooperate, but to be alert,” she added.