The biggest polar station on the Franz-Joseph will be available for tourists

The biggest polar station on the Franz-Joseph will be available for tourists

In Soviet times, the station lived up to 200 people.

ARKHANGELSK, on 27 March. /TASS/. The biggest on the archipelago Franz-Joseph polar station, located on the island of Hayes, after the “Arctic harvest” will be available to visitors. TASS said acting Director of the national Park “Russian Arctic” Alexander Kirilov.

“One of the interesting places to visit, which are likely to be accessible to visitors after cleanup is completed — a polar station on Hayes island, where in Soviet times lived and worked up to 200 people,” said Kirilov.

Currently, tourists can see only a few of the 192 Islands of the archipelago. The tour operator in advance to apply for the visiting of certain points, and the Park confirms the route and concludes with the establishment of cooperation agreements and protection from large predators, gives permission to visit the territory. Usually claimed all the points are agreed to.

“During the flight of the atomic icebreaker, for example, are visited only a few of the ten most popular Islands of Franz-Josef, because he has just more than two days in order to make an inspection of this archipelago. For most of them created local management plans with rules for visiting a particular place,” said Kirilov.

On the Hayes island in 1957 there was the Observatory, which since 1972 has become the name of the polar radioman Ernst Krenkel, a special place in the scientific program took high-altitude atmospheric sounding.

Village station consisted of up to 40 houses, including most Northern in the country kindergarten

In 2001, the station was closed in 2004, its activities were resumed, now at the weather station of the island Hayes employs four people. On the island in 2014, the measures for cleaning the Arctic.

National Park “Russian Arctic” — the most Northern and the largest in Russia specially protected natural area. It includes the archipelago of Franz-Joseph and the Northern part of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago.