Macron surprised the French Patriotic ignorance

Emmanuel Macron

Candidate for the French presidency Emmanuel macron during a television interview called Guiana is the largest overseas territory — the island. It is reported BFMTV on Monday, March 27.

Statements were made when the politician visited this region with a campaign. “What is happening in Guyana in the last few days very seriously. But I urge everyone to stay calm, and believe that the blocking of the runway of the airport, the flight manifests of the planes can paralyze the life of the entire island,” said macron.

Twitter users were surprised such ignorance of geography. They suggested that the presidential candidate can’t distinguish Haiti from Tahiti, and invited Him to stay “on the island of Guiana and never return”.

From March 17, in Guiana, there are mass performances by local residents, supported by the trade unions and authorities. They require the Central authorities of the country economic reforms, a restart of the local industry and increase funding for infrastructure.

As pointed out by BFMTV, the macron is not the first time gets into an awkward situation because of ignorance of the geography of the country. In December 2016, the year he published in his Twitter a selfie with a supporter taken on the plane. In the caption to the photo stated that the man’s mother, a foreigner from Guadeloupe. Subscribers policy instantly reacted to this statement and macron apologized and said he made a mistake in haste.

French Guiana is located on the North-East of South America, its capital city Cayenne. Has land borders with Suriname to the West and Brazil to the South and East, on the North by the Atlantic ocean. Guadeloupe is an overseas Department of France in the Eastern Caribbean sea.

The first round of presidential elections in France will take place on 23 April, the second, if necessary, on 7 may.