Called the coldest place in the Universe

Scientists from the jet propulsion Laboratory (USA), Technical University of Chalmers (Sweden) and the ALMA Observatory (Atacama Large Millimeter Array, Chile) presented new details about the protoplanetary nebula, the boomerang, which is considered the coldest place in the Universe. The research aimed at publication in the Astrophysical Journal, is available in edition “”.

The nebula formed by a dying red giant, which intensively leaves the matter. According to estimates obtained by researchers, originally the Orb was about four times heavier than the Sun, matter from the spread at a distance of about 120 thousand astronomical units.

The center of the nebula, as the authors formed region 1740 275 astronomical units, which assumes the existence of large particles of millimeter size with a temperature of 20-30 Kelvin.

The work of scientists confirms that the Boomerang nebula is the coldest place in the Universe. To his conclusions, astronomers came analyzing ALMA data.

The Boomerang nebula is located at a distance of five thousand light-years from Earth in the constellation Centaurus. The temperature in the nebula reach one Kelvin (about minus 272 degrees Celsius).