Russia filed a case against Viktor bout to the United States Supreme court

Russia filed a case against Viktor bout to the United States Supreme court

WASHINGTON, Mar 25 — RIA Novosti. Russian Federation on Friday filed in the Supreme court of the United States a friendly argument in support of petition for review of the case of Russian citizen Viktor bout, reported RIA Novosti his lawyer Alexei Tarasov.

“Today, on behalf of the Russian Federation in the Supreme court was filed by so-called friendly argument (Amicus Curiae) in support of the appeal in the case of Viktor bout,” — said the defender. He said that he was aware of the drafting of the document, however, is not its author.

According to him, the argument for the “norms of international law, particularly extraterritorial jurisdiction.”

Defender booth confirmed that the Supreme court a petition for adoption case is tentatively scheduled for March 31.

Viktor bout was arrested in Thailand in March 2008 as a result of operation of U.S. intelligence and two years later brought to the United States, where he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. This period was minimal at articles in which he accused the Russians: preparation of a conspiracy to murder American citizens and American servicemen, training of collusion with intent to sell anti-aircraft missiles and training of conspiracy to provide material assistance to a terrorist organization.

In 2014, the protection of Russians filed a petition for reconsideration of the booth in connection with again opened circumstances, however, the court of first instance dismissed her. The defence then filed an appeal against this decision. The court of appeals in new York in mid-November of last year refused to review the case.