In the Irkutsk region an outbreak of African swine fever

Outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) was first registered in the Irkutsk region where there was a mortality of 40 animals. In the district where there is a courtyard, entered a state of emergency. On Saturday, March 25, reports TASS.

“From a veterinary officer reported that in a private farmstead of the village Where the Irkutsk region recorded the deaths of about 40 pigs, presumably due to the outbreak of ASF. The meat in implementation were reported. The district introduced a state of emergency,” — said the source Agency in emergency services of the region.

In a press-service of the government confirmed the information on introduction of emergency information, and reported that tests for ASF have shown positive results.

In January, the outbreak of ASF was registered in Ukraine. Because of the virus in the country significantly reduced the production of pork. According to the President of the Association of pig producers of Ukraine Arthur Vines, if the situation will not change dramatically, then by the summer the country can feel the lack of this type of meat.